Organize an Activity

The Au Diapason Foundation is very grateful to members of the community who wish to organize fundraising activities benefitting La Maison Au Diapason. The Foundation can provide ideas and suggestions, but it cannot actively participate in the organization of these events.

Please note that the Foundation would like to be present at all fundraising activities organized by the community, however, it is not always possible for us to guarantee a presence due to the high number of events taking place.  Some activities require a permit or license, including bingos, draws or those involving the sale of alcohol. The foundation cannot apply for any permits ou licenses required for your event. The foundation will also not provide authorization letters to obtain such permits. Should an alcohol permit be required, we recommend you host your activity in a location that already has a permit.

Here are a few examples of fundraising activities:

  • Garage/yard sales;
  • Benefit concerts;
  • Auctions;
  • Spaghetti suppers;
  • Sports tournaments;
  • You can also donate the proceeds from an existing activity.

Before you start, we ask that you please complete the form Project Proposal to submit your idea. All events must be approved by the Foundation.  Please allow two weeks for the processing of requests.

For more information, please contact:

Caroline Paquette

Coordinator, Events and communications

450-534-2002, ext. 253