Au Diapason Dignity Fund

Au Diapason Foundation and Desjardins are proud to join forces in this project filled with humanity, compassion and dignity for the well-being of community members who have experienced or will experience the loss of a loved one. This partnership is a natural fit between the financial services cooperative and community organization that both seek to contribute to the welfare of individuals and communities in their respective fields.

L’Équipe d’accompagnement Au Diapason has been offering free support services to bereaved families in the Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska regions for over 10 years. These support services are provided by a team of volunteers who themselves have experienced bereavement and received advanced training. These two factorsallow them to create a climate of trust, listening, respect and compassion.

Services are available to bereaved persons, whether or not the deceased loved one lived his or her last moments at La Maison Au Diapason. Through a structured program in the form of either a support group or individual meetings by telephone and videoconference, bereaved persons can break their social isolation, find comfort, learn to cope with their grief and express their emotions and concerns without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Desjardins supports the Au Diapason Dignity Fund as a major partner through its Community Development Fund, a collective dividend program voted by members at the annual general meeting. A donation of up to $30,000 will be made to Au Diapason Foundation and will be used to provide quality support services to bereaved families in the two territories of Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska.

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