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Au Diapason’s La Marche/La Course Reinvented!

An Event at the Heart of Your Surroundings

Bromont, June 16th, 2020 – It is with great pleasure that Au Diapason Foundation is announcing that La Marche/La Course will take place during the entire month of September 2020

With the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation has reinvented its event. A new formula, under the theme “One Month, My Victory: In Action for Au Diapason’s 10th Anniversary,” will now take place in the safety of your surroundings and will be open to all sporting activities.

Those who wish to honour the memory of a loved one, whether or not they spent their last moments at La Maison Au Diapason, will be invited to collect donations for the cause and practise a sport of their choice in a virtual team or individually. 

The organizers of the 11th edition of La Marche/La Course invite residents of the region and surrounding areas to take part in this activity, which will be full of surprises this year with a very exciting program. The goal will be to accumulate a record number of kilometres or to achieve record times, if desired, depending on each participant’s personal challenge. The official start of La Marche/La Course will take place on Sunday, September 6th at noon, with the closing of the event on Sunday, October 4th at noon. The opening and closing ceremonies will be broadcast live on the web with representatives from Au Diapason, the major partners and the spokesperson for the La Marche/La Course, Mr. Denis Bouchard.

Funds raised will allow Au Diapason to welcome other mothers, brothers, friends and co-workers from our community free of charge and offer them quality palliative care and psychological and spiritual support with respect, dignity and compassion in this last stage of life.

More than 700 participants of all ages are expected for this special edition. More than 200 fans have already joined the event. To register, simply form a team of 10 participants and raise a minimum of $2,000, which is the amount needed to provide care for one patient for almost a week at La Maison Au Diapason. It is also possible to participate individually by raising a minimum of $200 or by making a donation to the activity.

Since the start of the pandemic, La Maison Au Diapason has continued to offer free quality palliative care and even videoconference support services despite the fact that its financial resources are weakened. This is why we need your donations more than ever to maintain care and services for patients and their loved ones.


La Maison Au Diapason opened on April 1st, 2010. Since then, nearly 1,200 patients and their families have benefited from this warm and peaceful environment. Volunteers from L’Équipe d’accompagnement Au Diapason have visited more than 5,000 residents of the 32 municipalities it serves, whether at home, the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital, the Granby Hospital or at La Maison Au Diapason.

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